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what is the best sunglasses for chubby cheeks?

My face is round and chubby, what sunglasses shape would best suit me?
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  • alva


    Since you have chubby cheeks, you can try Jackie O oversized sunglasses or aviator sunglasses. However, the chubby cheeks is not the only factor to determine what style of sunglasses you need to wear. You shall also consider your face shape so as to choose the right sunglasses shape. Usually, you shall choose sunglasses that contrast your face shape. Nevertheless, a pair of sunglasses with big frame and lenses will surely be cool to flatter chubby cheek.
  • Steve


    Since you have a chubby cheek, you need a pair of sunglasses that can make your look chiseled and longish. Considering this goal, I'd like to recommend you to choose a pair of sunglasses with Square or angular frames, especially those that are slightly broader than your face will suit you best.Besides, you can try a clear bridge to widen your eyes instead of round frames which will make you face looks more chubby. In my point of view, aviator sunglasses are a nice choice. That kind of sunglasses have an enduring appeal. You may have a try.
  • castlemedic


    There are many choices for those who have chubby checks when choosing a pair of sunglass that really suits them. Here's some suggestions. You can choose some sunglasses that in black colors, which will make your face look thinner. You can also try some sunglasses that are larger than the average size. They will help to make your face smaller. You can definitely have a try.