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What are the benefits of wearing swimming goggles?

I am just trying to find out what are the benefits of wearing swimming goggles?
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  • Linda


    If you swim you will understand how important to wearing swimming goggles. With swimming goggles, they can protect the eyes from water that is likely cause infections of eyes. You know, the water in pool are not so clear as it seems. It contains some bacteria that may hurt your eyes. Besides, with swimming goggles, you can see better in water to help you enjoy swimming. If you have poor vision, you can even buy prescription swimming goggles that works.
  • walkinalone


    It is useful and necessary to wear swimming goggles。At first,they could prevent bacteria which from water to pollute your eye.Second ,they also can help you to judge the direction and the environment around you,third,they can make you looked more handsome.all in all,you may feel glad if you have one,they can make you swimming time more healthy,safety and happy .you deserved it.
  • cheesykittycat


    By wearing swimming goggles, you can resist bacteria produced in the swimming pool, which reduces the risk of being infected with such bacteria. Also, your eyes will be free from uncomfortable feelings in the water. And you can see things more clearly when you dive into the water. Try to take one.