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Can neck pain cause eye pain?

After work a whole day. My neck feel pain, latter, i also feel eye pain. Why? Can neck pain cause eye pain?
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  • Cassidy bell


    Well, yes, according to some experts, neck pain can cause eye pain in many cases, especially after you have done the hard work, making yourself so tired. As all we know that, greater occipital nerve arises from the occiput, and then, it can just be related to the inflamed or damaged occipital nerves in your neck. And that is why you feel painful in your neck. But on the other hand, this kind of neck pain may radiate anterior to the ipsilateral eye, leading to eye pain. So at this moment, I will just suggest you try some massage on your neck, and just have a good rest, and then it can be fine.
  • constans


    Yes, neck pain will cause eye pain because of the interlinked nerves in the whole body. You could do the massage to release the neck pain. You could use the oil essential to adopt around the neck to make the muscles get released. About the eye pain, you could use the eyes drops to moisture it and make them feel comfortable and better.

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