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Why do my eyes water when i put on eyeliner?

I try to make up myself with eyeliner. But,my eyes watery when i use eyeliner. Can you tell me why?
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  • Allison leslie


    It's quite normal for almost people to feel eyes watery when they make up themselves with eyeliner. It is a commen phenomenon to get eyes water when your nerve system is stimulated. The most possible reason is your skin, especially your eyes are not suitable for brands of eyeliner that you are applying, which will stimulate the eye nerves. Thus, your eyes will automatically produce some tears to keep them moist, which is the reason why your eyes always watery when you use eyeliner. It is not a serious problem, if you really feel uncomfortable, just take some eye drops, next close your eyes to stay fit, maybe you will see changes. However, if these solutions do not work or the symptom become worse, you'd better see a doctor to get a physical examination.
  • Jada shelley


    You should better stop using the eyeliner which may contain the stimulating irritated that cause your eyes to water. Your eyes may get infection. You need to use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make the eyes get bright and clear. You could also take the home remedy like warm compress into consideration. You need to protect the eyes carefully.
  • taylor


    This siuation is very common when people do eye makeup.For some people who seldom use eyeliner, they may apply the eyelinder in a wrong way that cause uncomfortable on eyes , thus to cause watery. Still, poor quality eyeliner pencil can also cause eye allergies that further make your eyes watery. If you are experienced on using eyeliner, also, you can make sure your eyeliner pencil are good, you'd better get your eyes checked. It maay caused by eye infection such as pink eyes.