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What causes red eyes in the evening?

It is so strange that my eyes are red in the evening? What factors possibly cause the red eyes?
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  • marvina


    You may use the eyes in front of computers for a long time a day with no little rest. Or the great burden in work during the day may cause your eyes get red. In addition, your eyes may get inflammation or infection. You'd better use some drops to release the symptom. You could use the warm compress to make the eyes feel comfortable.
  • Dylan fergus


    Well, in my opinion, it can be the allergy which makes your eyes become red. In other words, the allergies around you lead to eye infection in your eyes, and then it turns to red. You can be allergic to something in your work space and you have to check them. For example, the cleaning spray or some dust can possible for red eyes are usually a sign of some type of allergic reaction. Also, you should know that it can be caused by eye strain, if you have a long time looking at computer screen. If it is an allergy, you should avoid it. And also, just keep some rest time for your eyes.
  • Sara


    This red eye is the result of blood vessels close to the surface of the eye which becoming dilated and enlarged. There are many reasons for red eyes. Firstly, as one of the most common causes of red eyes is a condition known as conjunctivitis, or pink eye. Secondly, dry eyes would suffer from red. For some people, it also can be the result of wearing contact lenses.

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