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Can wearing glasses cause sinus problems?

I heard somebody said that wearing glasses cause sinus problems. Is that true? Any suggestion?
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  • Melanie smith


    Well, it's true that wearing glasses cause sinus problems. There are four types of sinus problems: acute sinus, subacute sinus, chronic sinus and recurrent sinusitis. Some of the primary symptoms of sinusitis include:headache, facial tenderness, pressure or pain, and fever, sometimes even casue cough and bad breath. Wearing glasses in a long time may add pressure on muscle and blood vessels around nose and eyes which really lead to itching eyes and sneezing. So if you worry about that, just pay attention to the time you wear glasses. Meanwhile if you already get sinus problems, go to see a doctor and your doctor will review your symptoms and give you a physical examination.


    Yes, it is possible to get the sinus problems because of wearing glasses. Some people wearing the eyeglasses may feel the great burden at the nose. As we know, the nose nerves and eye nerves are interlinked. The sinus may be caused by the pressure from the nose pad of the eyeglasses. Once you find the problem of sinus, you should go to the hospital to have a treatment.
  • lova


    Well, in my opinion, wearing glasses can not lead to sinus infection. Generally speaking, sinus infection is caused by allergies. So it is not possible to have sinus infection, by wearing glasses. But on the other hand, glasses can cause facial pain and pain in your temples and nose. They can also give you headaches, dizziness and even blurry vision at times. So when wear them in the first time, you have to adjust to them. or you can wear contacts instead.