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Is daydreaming bad for your eyes?

I wonder if day dreaming is bad for eyes? If so, what are the side effects?
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  • Vanessa edward


    There seems no direct connection between daydreaming and eyes problem,Yet too much daydreaming will definitely cause some side effects for your eyes. Mostly,the post for day dreaming is the root of the problem.In most cases ,people will sleep on the desk with the hands as the pillow.Eyes would be pressed by this kind of post. In a long term,our eyes will be affected,it may be eyesight dropping or other disease. If you really want a day dreaming to refresh,I suggest you choose a quite place which enables you to lie down.
  • Geoff Beckett


    Well, generally speaking, daydreaming is not bad for the normal eyes. As we know that the default condition of the normal eye is to be relaxed. So if you have normal eyes, it will maintain relaxed eyes, even when you are under adverse conditions, such as day dreaming. But on other hand, it can be bad for your eyes, when you have myopic eye, for daydreaming badly affect the myopic eye. and it may lead to eye strain. And you can try singing or listening to music with a good story that gets the mind thinking of the characters in the mind. In this way, it will relax the mind, eye muscles and bring clear vision. Anyway, it will be beneficial to your eyes.
  • cherrytop7


    Yes, the day dreaming is bad for your eyes. When you have the day dreaming, your eyeballs will move quickly in the eyes. Your eyes will feel so tired. At the same time, too many movements of the eyeballs will make your eyes feel dry. And your eyes may produce the mucus in the eyes. If you have the day dreaming for a long time, you will find that the eyes dry and sticky when you open the eyes.