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How much do thick framed glasses cost in LensCrafters?

i need to know how much thick framed glasses cost there, because i need to get new glasses. I don't want a designer one.
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  • Jonathan griffin


    Lens Crafters provide a number of different frames and their prices are different. But i see most of their eyeglasses on are over $100. If you look for some thick glasses frames in low prices, you can go other online glasses shops like eyebuydirect, 39dollarglasses and Firmoo where offer stylish eyeglasses in low prices. At Firmoo, their glasses frames are guaranteed good quality and start at $8 dollars. And most of their fashion glasses frames are sell at 10 $- 40$.
  • Desiree


    Glasses in LensCrafters are usually a little expensive than opther online optical stores. They provide different styles of glasses frames with a number of price ranges. The designer glasses there usually cost around $200-300. The normal glasses there also will cost you over $100. The thick framed glasses in LensCrafters may cost you about $250. So I would not suggest you get that kind of thick frame eyeglasses from LensCrafters. There are many cheap online optical stores offering stylish geek glasses with lower price, such as 39dollarglasses and zennioptical. You can go there and have a look

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