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Can stress cause corneal ulcers?

What causes corneal ulcer? Is it possible that stress cause corneal ulcer?
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  • b0ycrazzy


    No, stress can't cause corneal ulcers. The reason why corneal ulcers happens is complicated. It can caused by external injury and infection which are the most common reasons. It can also caused by tuberculosis, rheumatism, syphilis, drstrophy and so on. Corneal ulcers is one of the most dangerous diseases to our eyes. If circumstance gets worse, you will become blind. Stress can't cause corneal ulcers at all. Stress can cause headache, nausea, stomachache, vomit, gasteremphraxis, high pressure and so on.
  • crc32


    Yes. Though mostly, corneal ulcers are caused by bacterial infections, stress is possible to lead corneal ulcers. In details, the cold sores may cause recurring attacks that triggered by stress, and then, it may further develop into t virus. The virus will lead to chicken pox and shingles that finally develop to corneal ulcers.
  • garcia


    There are many reasons that can cause corneal ulcer, and usually it is caused by several kinds of infections, such as bacterial infections, viral infections, fungal infections and parasitic infections. What's more, there are some other kinds of causes that result in corneal ulcer, including abrasions or burns to the cornea caused by injury to the eye, dry eye syndrome and Bell's palsy and other eyelid disorders that prevent proper eyelid function. So I think that just stress in work or life will not lead to corneal ulcer, but if you do not take care of eye health, then it's easy to cause infections and may result in corneal ulcer.

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