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Jacob adams


Should i go to the doctor for a scratched eye ?

I got a scratched eyes. And my eyes feel a little pain. What shall i do to? Shall i got to see a doctor?
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  • Christian george


    You should better go to see the doctor to see whether the scratched part of the eyes is serious. Usually if you do not treat it in time, the scratched part will cause the infection at the eyes and cause other eye problems for the whole body which you need to pay attention to. During this time, you should not eat the spicy food which may stimulate your eyes.
  • Luke oliver


    Yes, you need to see a doctor before the corneal abrasion turns into corneal ulcer by infection. You may also need some first aid before seeing a doctor. You should wash your eyes with saline solution to flush away the foreign bodies. The other symptoms of scratched eyes, or corneal abrasion include feeling something in your eyes, eye pain, redness, blinking and sensitivity to light. You won't experience all the symptoms at the same time.
  • Alexander david


    Well, it sounds really terrible, because a scratched eye is very dangerous and might even lead you to blindness. Since the situation is quite urgent, I suggest that you go to a large hospital for immediate treatment lest the situation get worse. Don't rub your eyes and try not to do anything on your own. Just head to the hospital for assistance. And keep an eye on your eye health from this point on.

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