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Does cold weather affect vision ?

Is it possible to affect the vision because of cold weather? Why or why not?
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  • Chris L.


    It is possible that cold weather can affect vision. When people are in a cold environment, their eyes will dry and itchy because that there will be a change in the consistency of the protective tear film covering the surface of the eyes. When the temperature is below 30 Celsius degrees, the oily cover of the eyeball becomes hard. Some parts of eyes will be left unprotected from wind or other pathogens. When the eyes are exposed to temperature of 34 Celsius degrees, the oily cover will block meibomian gland ducts and the meibum returns to original condition. In cold weather, it is important to prevent the tear film from evaporating quickly. This can be done by wearing goggles.
  • andrew


    It may have the possibility for you to affect the vision because of cold weather. Your eyes may get allergic and become dry. The dryness is the main reason that affects the vision. We should keep high notice of. We should use the warm compress often to make the eyes get warm and become less allergic. You should eat more food with vitamin C.
  • chrissyonline


    Well, yes, cold weather can just affect vision. And it will just lead to some eye problems, such as eye pain, loss of vision, blurred or decreased vision, and severe sensitivity to light. According to some experts, in rare cases, because of cold weather, the cornea may freeze, and then, eyelid spasms, excessive tearing, and pain can be possible. Also, snow blindness is not directly caused by cold temperatures, but it does occur in snow conditions. And that can be very dangerous too. So just be careful about it.