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Does astigmatism cause night blindness?

Is astigmatism a kind of serious eye disease? Can it cause night blindness?
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  • Nathan harris


    Astigmatism is a quite common eye disease which can be cured by eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. So, do not be worried about that. Symptoms of astigmatism includes blurred vision, squinting, in some serious cases, patients may have headache or night blindness.
  • Christopher giles


    Astigmatism can cause night blindness which is the most dangerous symptom. After the sun has set, astigmatism patients can hardly see the road and motorist. So they are not supposed to drive in the darkness. Actually, people with astigmatism suffer a lot besides night blindness. When people have astigmatism, their cornea or lenses tends to refract light in two or more places, which causes blurred vision or field. This will lead to severe headache. Sensitivity to light can occur to people with astigmatism. For them, taking measures to protect the eyes from light is necessary. There are also cases in which the patients suffer from dizziness that is related to astigmatism. If the patients focus on the objects close to or far away from them, they will feel eyestrain. This can be solved by just closing eyes to have a rest. However, astigmatism can be cured. You should consult your doctor and choose the treatment that best suits you.
  • Rebecca


    It depends. According to a research of some patients with astigmatism. Most of patients haven't suffer night blindness. Besides, they can wear prescription eyeglasses to help them achieve clear vision. But there is one case who suffered night blindness. And according to your description, you may suffered from night blindness from astigmatism. Personally, you shall consult an eye doctor to see if there any treatment for your eyes.
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