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Can fire extinguisher fluids blind you?

It is by accident that i get a bit of fire extinguisher fluids in my eyes. I feel so bad. Is it really bad for my eyes? How can i save my eyes?
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  • walkwithmir


    It's hard to say. Just try flush your eyes with much clean water, that may help your eyes feel much better. And remember do not rub your eyes because it can make your eyes become worse. Have a little rest until you feel much better. If this way can not help, see an eye doctor as soon as possible.


    It may hurt your eyes. Fire extinguishers are filled with water or baking soda or like material. And this fluids are irritants and also slightly toxic. If it get into your eyes. It surely cause discomfort and even damages. You shall use clean water to flush your eyes as soon as possible. Then visit an doctor to check if there any damages in your eyes and treat it immediately. Good wishes to you.


    Usually, fire extinguishers contain many materials. I think it's dangerous to get that influids in the eyes. First of all, I think you need to keep your eyes clean. If the fluids are not much, you can wash eyes with clean water to lower the density of the fluids. Then do not rub your eyes with your hands. May be you can lay out a cold towl upon your eyes to make your eyes feel better. But the best way to save your eyes is to see a doctor. Eyes are very important to us. What if you get some vision problems or eye problems from it, such as pink eyes and blurred vision. You need to get proper treatment from doctors. Take care.
  • Jessica


    I am sorry to hear about that, but don't worry about it. In a day or two, your eyes will feel painful and swollen, this is perfectly normal. After all, there are a lot of chemical compositions in it, but those amounts will not harm your body. You need rinse your eyes thoroughly with water and go to pharmacy buy some eye drop. About 3 to 5 days, you will feel better soon.

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