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Thomas oliver


Is pink eye permanent?

Will pink eyes permanent affect my eyes? How can i cure it?
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  • Olavi


    Pink eye are most commonly due to bacteria and virtues infection. You can easily heal them by some home remedies. For instance, keep eyes relax, that is, do not read too much or play computer in a long time. No any rubbing on eyes when you feel pain and itchy, even burning. Also, you are never allowed to go outside. The reasons are pink eye spread person to person and there are too many bacteria and germs in public. Broadly, your pink eye can be spread to others and you may also get worse infection when you are in the open air. Additionally, pink eye is not permanent, it can be fine without any medical treatment in 4-7 days. But you still need to take good care of yourself.
  • Jade


    Pink eyes is a common eye ailment that has affected a lot people. Pink eyes could be caused by sharing items with someone who has pink eyes, or caused by allergy or bacteria and some other disease. Mostly, pink eyes will be cured after taking some medicine. You’d better see a doctor and find out your pink eyes causes.
  • Jack taylor


    Actually pink eye is not a serious eye problem. Pink eye is called conjunctivitis in another name. It refers to eye inflammation caused by infections or allergic reaction. To cure it, you need to know what caused your pink eye. Conjunctiva is the transparent covering membrane in eyes, to protect eyes from possible damages. Conjunctivitis might be caused by bacterial or viral infection, which is highly contagious. To treat bacterial or viral pink eye, you can have some eye drop medications to treat the infection, like anti-bacterial agents or anti-viral agents. If you have thick secretion in eyes, you should wash your eyes with saline solution or 2%-3% boric acid solution. Warm compress is usually an effective way to treat these two kinds of pink eye. If your pink eye is caused by allergic reaction, then it is not contagious, and it can clear out very soon as long as you get out of touch with the allergen. Wash your eyes immediately to speed up the process.

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