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Justin fergus


Can glow sticks blind you?

Is glow sticks bad for eyes. Will it cause blind? How can i avoid it?
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  • walking_poeticx


    No, I don't think glow sticks light might blind you. Actualy it glows for the chemical reaction of hyperoxide with ester compounds. This chemical reaction gives power to fluorescent dye to glow. It is commonly used in various ways, toys, decorations, quater-master illuminating, signal light at night, rescuing light in sea and special light for fishing. It is harmless and non-toxic. As long as you don't get the chemicals inside out and apply directly to skin and eyes, it won't do harms to you.
  • elmos_world_05


    If your eyes are often exposed to glow sticks, it will dazzle you for sometimes. But it won't hurt your eyes that much unless you stare at them all the time. If you have to look at glow sticks very often, you can buy yourself a eye shade and wear it for a while when you feel the dizziness. Hope that would help.
  • constans


    Glow sticks are very popular in summer evenings. It's safe for us except the glow stick been broken. Because the glow sticks contain chemicals, which is been called dibutyl phthalate, can cause damages of our self, such as burn eyes and sting skin. See a doctor immediately if it splash into your eyes.

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