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Does acupuncture work for itchy eyes?

I heard that acupuncture is a very wonderful method from China. Does it really help. Can i get some help to treat my itchy eyes from acupuncture?
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  • Faith


    Itchy eyes are most commonly due to eye infections, black eyes and conjunctivitis. Itchy eyes are also the popular and common sign of all kinds of eye problems. It makes you hurt, redness in eyes. Acupuncture is an old treatment option in ancient China. According to Chinese Medicines, acupuncture can heal many diseases by adjust qi in human body. That is, the traditional Chinese doctor can cure your problems by applying the distinct needles to sitimulate your points. This way is good to smooth your blood vessels and make your blood circle in a normal way. By the way, this way is not fast. On the contrary, it's slow. It's quite slow. If you want to recover soon, you'd better take some other medical treatment options.
  • walkendeath


    I never applied acupuncture to treat itchy eyes. So, i can't tell you if it work or not. In fact, there are many thing that can cause itchy eyes such as dry eyes, tired eyes, allergy and infection etc. But as far as i know, allergy is the most common causes of itchy eyes. Anyway, you shall check your eyes by doctor for sure. And if it caused by dry eyes, just get help from eye drops. If you get it from allergy, you shall consult a doctor and get some medicated eye drops. Hope this can help you.
  • Jaime


    Acupuncture is a very good and ancient therapy popular in China and it is now popular all over the world. It works by breaking the travelling path all over body with silver needle pricked into certain points. In this way, it helps promote the blood circulation and reaches the balance of Yin and Yang. In acupuncture, it is believed that the blockage caused swelling, pain and disorders. So acupuncture is used to treat various problems. As to itchy eyes, you need to know what caused it. It might be infections or allergic reactions. Or it might be just eye dryness syndrome. If your eyes are always dry or you prolong the working time of eyes, you might get the itchy eyes. To help allay the symptom, you can drink more water to reduce the dryness. You can also apply warm compress to help producing of tears. Good habit of using eyes is important. Don't sit in front of computer all day long. You need to take frequent breaks to relax your eyes. All these measures are easier than acupuncture. Have a try.
  • cute_lil_ambie


    Acupuncture is a ancient method in China, it can cure for so many kinds of diseases. It could really help, but first you have to know, even if it is a wonderful method, it still needs time to cure your eyes. During the treatment, you need follow the doctor's advice. For example, what you don't eat and what you can't do, or you will get worse. Hope you will better soon!