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Cameron smith


Does anyone know how much persol sunglasses cost?

I'm planning to buy persol sunglasses for my brother. Do you guys know how much is the average cost for persol sunglasses? Are they good to buy?
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  • campbell


    I never bought persol sunglasses myself. I heard from my friend that most of persol sunglasses are charged at about $250. If you just want to buy sunglasses to shield your eyes. I think you needn't buy such expensive sunglasses. You can actually get some good sunglasses ti shield eyes and for fashion at less than $50. I have got a pair of wraparound sunglasses this summer just at $40. But the sunglasses is good and look nice.
  • Desiree


    I think persol sunglasses are good and you can have a try. Different sellers sell persol sunglasses at different prices. And the price of it also vary according to different sunglasses style, materials, etc. here I list some websites that sell persol sunglasses. Maybe you can have a look and see if you like them or not.
  • Caroline hill


    Well, first you should know that persol is a famous Italian brand. And they are special at sunglasses. So if you are choosing sunglasses, it will be a good choice for you to buy persol sunglasses. They are made in Italy and become the luxury products. And they are wildly used by pilots and sports drivers. So if you want to buy them, I will suggest you go to the online shop, which can be cheaper than the real ones. For example, you can link to They can cost you about 280 dollars. But if you like it, it will be worth the money.
  • everybody_cares


    Synonymous with intrinsic class and elegance, Persol has been a symbol of the Italian eyewear industry in the world for more than 90 years. It was founded in Italy several decades ago and soon grew to be one of the best eyewear manufacturers in the world. The average cost of a pair of them will be several hundred dollars, about five. Since they have always been focusing on producing sunglasses, I think they are worth buying.
  • Katelyn owen


    I found a pair of persol sunglasses on for just under $175, with free shipping. They are good at both the quality and the design. It is really worthy to own one to wear when going out. You should go to the online store to have a search because the price is relatively cheaper.

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