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Does ian somerhalder wear contacts in the vampire diaries?

Have you seen vampire diaries? Have you noticed if ian somerhalder wears colored contact lenses? If so, what type of contact lenses does he wear?
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  • walkdawalk23


    Ok, it seems that you like ian somerhalder very much, who acted in vampire diaries and is quite awesome and handsome. So, he has got a pair of blue eyes, which are beautiful. However, as you can see, in order to make themselves appear more mysterious and alien, they try to wear some crazy contact lenses, or vampire contact lenses ,which seem to be amazing and horrible. You could get some of them at Amazon online store, where the prices are reasonable. Here is a link for you to check
  • crystal_jade13


    Of course, I watched it. I am waiting for the new episode coming, which seems to be updated on 18th of next January. And as to Ian Somerhalder, I love him so much! But according the appearance in this play, I can’t tell whether he wore contact lenses or not. It seems that he didn’t wear any contact lenses. His eyes are light blue, which are very beautiful. No matter Ian wears or not, you still could have a try of color contact lenses. Nowadays there are so many colors and patterns of color contact lenses, which could give you a fresh look, without need of large amount of money or surgery. It could change the eye color, meanwhile make your eyes bigger than ever. If you choose some color similar to your eye color, it could be very natural and beautiful. If you want to attend some party or ball, you can wear some bold color, for example purple. It is quite safe to wear color contact lenses, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Please kindly note that don’t wear them for prolonged time each day and hygiene is very important when wearing the lenses. Hope you could find the gorgeous color contact lenses you like.
  • Logan hall


    Yes, I have seen the vampire diaries. Ian somehalder wears the green contact lenses which look so charming and attractive at the eyes. If you want to buy the similar type, you could just go to the amazon to have a search. There are many types of contact lenses there. You could go to search the green contact lenses with different brand.

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