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Christopher dale


What do shingles around the eye look like?

I heard one of my friends suffers shingles around his eyes and stays at home. Can you tell me what do shingles look like?
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  • Miranda hall


    Ok, I can see that you know little about those shingles. As far as I know, those shingles seem to be very terrible, just like an awful lot of red pimples all round your face, which would make the patient very ugly and seriously affect his confidence. Anyway, that requires a lot of timely and effective treatment. Just advise your friend to pay more attention to the rest and diet. Maybe your friend should get more treatment in the hospital.
  • cutechaldochick


    Well, eye shingles is an infection caused by the virus that causes chickenpox. And according to some experts, one or more nerves and the skin over them are affected. Typically, when it occurs, your eye may become red, swollen, painful, and very sensitive to light. Also, watery eyes and blurred vision may occur too. In common, the rash can spread to the upper or lower eyelids. Usually, shingles causes abnormal sensations in the affected part of the body a few days before the rash appears. And you may feel deep pain, itchy, and extreme sensitivity to touch. So just take care of it.
  • Matthew harris


    When you get the shingles around the eyes, you will look so ugly that a lot of bubbles at the skin around your eyes. It is such a serious eyes problems and skin problems. You'd better stay at home and accept the treatment. At the same time, you'd better have the good rest for the eyes with no cigarettes and alcohols. You should drink more water to keep the eyes moisture.