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Where are chloe sunglasses made?

Do you guys know where are chloe sunglasses made? in china, usa or italy?
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  • Alyssa


    Yes, they are made in Italy. Also, you should know that they can provide 100% UVB and UVA rays protection, so they are used wildly by many people who like sport outdoor. Of course, if you are a sports lover, it will be beneficial for you. And when you buy them, there will come complete with certificate of authenticity, protective case and cleaning cloth. So that you do not have to worry about any repair problem and the quality problem.
  • Andri


    I am not sure where chloe sunglasses made. With the globalization, chloe sunglasses are made and sold everywhere. It is non sense to talk about this questions. If you really like chloe sunglasses and the chloe sunglasses can look good on you, just buy one. Who cares where are they made?
  • Noah rupert


    You must get to understand that Chloe is a French brand founded by herself in 1953 in France. Initially, it only produces clothes, however, later on it began to make perfume, purses, as well as sunglasses. Personally speaking, they look great on women since their special design looks elegant in every way. Most of them are made in France, but they are sold all over the world.
  • Erin rupert


    The chloe sunglasses is one of the high end brand of sunglasses. It's smart and casual style. But just because its famous reputation, many fake goods come out all over the world. The register place of chloe is Paris of France and the year is of 1950s, but it popular in American and Europ. Nowadays, the made of sunglasses as well as other goods such as fashion clothes, bags etc. will not only manufactured in France. It is a workman ship of the world. You know where the less cost of the labor, where the factory is located. However, the quality control and test process is the core competition power of such kind of world brand. Where does it made, it is less important. It worthy of the money just because of its long history and culture representation. If you purchase it in a proper channel, I believe it is worthy the money!

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