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Danielle lewis


Are bright computer screens bad for my eyes?

I have been using a computer for at least 9 hours a day that makes me always feel eye tired and eye pain. My friends suggest me adjust my computer light. Is bright computer screen bad for my eyes? Why?
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  • Alyssa


    Of course, the answer is YES! Our eyes are difficult to bear on various "light pollutions" which come from the inner places of computer, such as ultraviolet light, electromagnetic wave and even computer radiation, etc. All of these may do harms to one's eye structures. So your eye may feel painful and tiredness or even itchy under such bright glares of computer screens. Generally speaking, try to do eye exercises and have a wash when you don't use it. And you'd better control the time of looking at computer screens (never pass 4 hours).
  • Diane Bradstock


    No matter how bright or dim of the computer screen is, there is no specific evidence can proof the computer screen could harm people's eyes. However, computer users do often complain of eye related symptoms, such as eyestrain, headache, dry eyes. These symptoms couldn't bring any permanent damage. On the other side, a dimmer screen could reduce eyestrain and make your eyes more comfortable. And you had better hold your screen at least arm's length away or further distances.
  • neva taylor


    Both too light and too dark light are bad for the eyes. You have worked too long in front of the computer everyday. You'd better use the eye drop to release its dry symptom. If the computer is too bright, your eyes will get the stimulation. At first, you will feel good by seeing the screen clearly. But your eyes may get tired easily. Thus, just adjust the light intensity into the suitable ones.
  • Isabel fergus


    Computer and Internet have brought great changes to people since they popularize our life, but online browsing or reading on a computer for a long time is harmful to the human eye. Looking at the computer screen does not cause serious eye disease. Under low illuminance, the screen will be too dazzles;or when you sit near the window, the reflective is too strong; or the lack of blink frequency will cause the eye dry. All of those can lead to the pain. The recommendation from me is blinking eyes many times which can let tear with lubrication moisten the eye surface.