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Is it ok to store contact lenses in the fridge?

So normally you should store your contact lenses at room temperature. However, in hot summer, it is really hot. Is it a better idea to keep them in the fridge?
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  • caffienefeen


    In our opinion, the answer depends on if the lenses are new or not. "New" contact lenses are stored in a sterile solution while "opened" contact lenses are supposed to be stored in a disinfecting solution. Disinfecting solutions are recommended to be stored and used at room temperature. Studies have shown decreased effectiveness of these solutions at higher temps and even though they didn't discuss low temps, just the idea that their effectiveness can be altered by ambient temperature makes us apprehensive. Provided the internal temperature of the refrigerator is not cold enough to cause even a slight phase-change of liquid, the lens structure itself will be fine.
  • easilyfixed


    I have never hard of this before. Maybe in some special condition, the contact lenses should be stored in fridge.Whatever, you need to consult your eye doctor firstly.
  • walkthewalk46


    Hmmm. I've never heard of this myself, so I did a little on line search and I did find a site that says that you should not only store your contact lenses in a cool, dry place--like your fridge--but you should store the solution there, too.