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Why is it so difficult to buy contact lenses in the US?

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  • Zachary eddy


    While I won't argue with the obvious and important need to get regular eye exams and protect your eye health I do think, for some patients, the term of the prescription should be more than the current one year norm. Healthy adults should be able to manage their eye health the same way they manage their physical health. For Sean... it's a provable fact that the US eye care industry spent millions of dollars lobbying to regulate contact lenses prescriptions and require the office visit each year to give the already prescribed patient the 'privilege' to re-order contact lenses with the same prescription. We can buy as much booze as we want and in some states, more to come soon, Pot for recreational use but we can't be trusted to see an eye doctor when our vision doesn't seem great or we have symptoms. Spare me the 'early detection' argument. Non contact lens wearers aren't required to get an exam each year and they can also be effected with eye disease. I haven't been to the MD's office in 3 years but if I I have symptoms I'll go. As as far as the Government protecting me... this is the same government that allow proliferation of automatic assault rifles and DOES NOT CONTROL online sales of ammunition to fill these killing machines? Just checking your sanity and mine. For those that want a non main stream perspective check out this link where they allow you to order contacts without prescription even if you live in the US.
  • Ryan warren


    Not really. I think your point is that the prescription is a must. Before you decide to buy contact lenses in US, please make sure that you have got your prescription. If you do not get your contact lenses prescription, then it is hard to buy contact lenses.
  • Jacob adams


    Frankly speaking, it is not difficult, only if you got a valid prescription for contact lenses from your qualified optometrist or ophthalmologist.Because all contact lenses cover the surface of the eye and therefore present a risk of eye infections or other problems, especially if the lenses are not fitted, worn and cared for properly, even contacts like Halloween lenses with no corrective power are considered medical devices and require a valid contact lens prescription that specifies the brand and parameters of the lenses.