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What to do if body wash gets in my eye?

It is by accidence that i got some body wash into my eyes when i took a shower. What should i do to help my eyes? It is really uncomfortable.
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  • Kevin lee


    Well, maybe you should take notice of something written on the back of the body wash bottle. In case there is contact with body wash, you need to use plenty of water to flush your eyes. However, if you constantly don't feel alright. I recommend that you try to get some eye drops, better yet, go to an eye clinic where you can receive reliable treatment.
  • walkersville


    You should wash your eyes with physiological saline or eyedrops, and then drip some antibiotic eyedrops in case of inflammation. If you wear contact lenses, you had better take them off and do not wear them for the moment being until the red blood streak disappears. If you feel serious, you need to go to hospital to have a check. Take care when you take a shower.
  • Ethan


    Firstly, you should flush your eyes with water immediately. Also, it is the easiest way. You should pay attention to temperature of water-not too warm, not too cold. Secondly, you can use some eye drops according to the specification. Finally, after taken these two ways, it has not recovered.You should go to see a doctor.

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