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What should i do if raw chicken juice gets in my eye?

Some raw chicken juice splashed into my eyes. What should i do? Any idea?
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  • Jackson rose


    Something splash into eyes can makes eyes feel uncomfortable and pink eye, such as raw chicken juice, shampoo, and so on. But it can been solved by the following steps: 1. Do not rub your eyes after something splash into your eyes. Some people like rub eyes when they feel uncomfortable, while it only can make things worse. 2. Washing your eyes by much liquid water, which can deliquate the chicken juice on your eyes and makes you feel much comfortable. 3. Rub your eyes by clean towel after washing your eyes. And if the suggestions can not help you, you may need an urgent appointment and see a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Minaxi Patel


    Well, you are really unfortunate this time. Actually, the first thing you should know is not to rub your eyes despite the killing feeling. Then you gotta get some salty water to flush your eyes till you feel better. Since there is risk of infection, you had better get some eye drops to deal with your problem. Typically, it would not be very serious. Just be careful in future. However, you might as well go for clinical treatment if necessary.
  • Jose joyce


    Rinse your eyes and keep flush them with clean water for 15 minutes. Warm tips: wash your hands before they touch your eyes for germs on hands may get into your eyes cause deeper infection, and use clean water, that is, purified water without any harmful substances and bacteriums. Then use a clean towel dry off the water under your eyes. After doing so, then drop some eye drops into your eyes, a basic eye drops is okay.