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What to do if paint gets in my eyes?

It is very bad that i got little paint into my eyes. What should i do right now? Is it harmful?
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  • Angelica giles


    So sorry to hear that. So, for the time being, you gotta need some clean hot water mixed with salt to thoroughly wash your eyes. Since such chemical stuff is highly irritative, which could give rise to infection, therefore, it would be wise for you to get some special eye drops to deal with it. Maybe doctors will give you some professional treatment and guidance. Hope you recover as soon as possible.
  • Melissa


    You should flush them out with plenty of water at once. Rinse your eyes with your hands (make sure that your hands have already been cleaned up with soap, but no any soap left on your hands after washing, or your hands will deep the infection) and use some purified water to flush your eye for a few minutes, then use a clean towel dry off the water under your eyes. After doing so, then drop some eye drops into your eyes, a basic eye drops is okay.
  • elmo01


    As we all known, paints contain many kinds of chemicals. fortunately, most of them will not do any permanent harm to your eye. The first thing you should do is to flush it thoroughly with water, in case of any chemical accidentally getting into an eye. After thoroughly flushing eyes, you need to see your ophthalmologist as soon as possible or go to a nearby hospital for help.

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