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Can i wear contact lenses with a popped blood vessel in eye?

Usually, i wear contact lenses in some serious situation because i have mild nearsightedness. But right now, i find there is a popped blood vessel in my eyes. Can i still wear my contact lenses? Will it be safe?
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  • Michelle


    Technically, it is ok to wear contact lenses even if your eyes with a popped blood vessel. There are some people even wear contact lenses when they get subconjunctival hemorrhage. However, you may feel discomforts on your eyes. Personally, i do not recommend you wear contact lenses because it may make your popped blood vessel even more serious. I suggest buy yourself a pair of fashion eyeglasses.
  • Jordan


    When there is the popped blood vessel in your eyes, you should take notice. Your eyes may get infection. Or you are too tired these days. The long use of eyes may also cause the popped blood vessel in eyes. You'd better stop wearing the contact lenses these days which will just intensify the dry eyes. Thus, you should wait for the decline symptom of it.
  • b3autiful_s0ul


    No, you should not wear contacts when you have a popped blood vessel in your eyes. When you have a popped blood vessel in your eyes, it may be because you are so tired or have some infection in your eyes. So in this situation, the first thing you should do is to have a good rest. And you can check your eyes and make sure they are fine. Then if they are still having a popped blood vessel, I suggest you can go and see a doctor. At this time, the popped blood vessel can be the symptom of an eye disease. So you should pay more attention to them.
  • Makayla Wherry


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