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Christopher giles


How to properly clean my oakley sunglasses?

I get a pair of Oakley sunglasses. How can i clean them properly without hurting their lenses coating? What should i avoid when i clean the sunglasses? Helps?
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  • Jackson raphael


    You can use tap water and mild soap to wash the dirty things off them. But listen to me, if you want to keep them quite clean, you need to buy compressed air in bulk in a professional dealer and use it to clean your Oakley sunglasses off any dust and dirt, and then use the pre-moistened cleaning cloths to wipe them clean. I'll sometimes then use the Oakley cloth/bag to touch up any final spots that might be left from drying.
  • Emma


    First of all, make sure that the sunglasses are properly stored when you are not wearing them, so as to prevent the need for frequent cleanings. When cleaning your sunglasses, use clean water with soap. Remind not to wipe sunglasses down when they are dry, otherwise you may scratch and damage the lenses or frames. Pick a very soft cotton cloth that is not frequently used, but it would be better if you have a soft optical cloth. You may buy sunglass care and cleaning kits in most eyewear stores. A sunglasses cleaning kit usually includes a bottle of cleaning solution, a soft cotton cloth and a carrying box.
  • Joseph campbell


    Looks like you are really into your sunglasses, ok. There are several tips to be followed. Firstly, take care of them whenever possible and don't wash them with rough hands, because they are really fragile. Secondly, take them to the glasses store to wash with special solution, the service is usually free. Also, you have to softly rub them with a cloth. Hope you find this useful!