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Does pregnancy cause eye twitching?

Just want to know, will pregnancy cause eye twitching? I saw my sister’s eyes are always twitching when she has a baby.
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  • walkingintoyou


    Yes. it is possible for pregnancy cause eye twitching. Some woman are under great stress during pregnant period. And the stress of pregnancy can cause eye problems. And eye twitching during pregnancy because of lacking sleep, tired and other symptoms. Besides, some vitamin and mineral deficiencies like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin D are also contribute to eye twitches for pregnant women.
  • Faith cook


    Yes, pregnancy can cause eye twitching. Because eye twitching during pregnancy can be caused by the stress of being pregnant, lack of sleep, and the fatigue. Usually eye twitches during pregnancy only last for a short time, but sometimes for several days. And in extreme cases eye twitches for weeks can happen. To treat it, one other factor to consider is whether your body is dehydrated or not because dehydration can definitely contribute to eyelid spasms, especially during pregnancy. It’s good to drink adequate amounts of water during pregnancy. This will be good for baby and the mother.