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Is it okay to wear contacts after dropping them?

If i drop my contacts, I pick it up and rinse it in contact lenses solution. Now, is it Ok for me to wear the contact lenses again?
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  • David garcia


    It depends. If you the contact lenses get really dirty the surfaces when drop on ground. And the contact lenses solution cannot remove all the dirty out of your contact lenses, you'd better not wear it. Or you will be in high risks of eye infection. If the floor is clean and your lenses don't get too much dirty. You can continue wear after you clean the contact lenses in solution.
  • entaliden


    Why not? It's a little bit ridiculous to throw your lenses contacts just for having dropping them on floor once. But to keep your security, you need to soak them in the contact lenses solution for a longer time. More than ten minutes. Ranging sometimes can’t guarantee that all dirt has been wiped off. You need to prevent your eye from being infected.
  • smith


    It is OK to wear contacts after dropping them, but the precondition is that you should wash them clearly by soaping them in the solution for a while and then rub them with your fingers for a while. As we know, the falling down contact lenses may contact with the bacterium which may infect our eyes. Thus, we'd better make sure of its clear state.