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Zachary eddy


How to clean progressive glasses lenses?

I bought a pair of progressive glasses to my grandfather. But he doesn't know how to clean it. And i thought it may be the same way as i clean my regular glasses. Can you tell me how to clean progressive lenses?
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  • Caleb murphy


    It is a little different from cleaning your regular eyeglasses. You shall hold the eyeglasses by the frame and run a stream of warm water from a suitable faucet. Then, spray small amount of lens cleaner lenses on the sides of the And follow the cleaning instructions of lens cleaner. Because some lens cleaners are not require water rinsing.
  • ecxsrkes


    It is usually the same ways as you clean your regular glasses. You always need 3 things for that: warm water, eyeglass cleaner and a soft towel or microfiber cloths. Hold the glasses with the frame and run warm water over it, remember not to touch the lenses. Then use eyeglass cleaner or a small amount of mild hand soap over the lenses and then rinse it immediately. Then you can dry it with the soft towel or the microfiber cloths. Don't forget to check the screws of the glasses after the cleaning, sometimes they become loose.
  • Hebbe


    Just as the regular glasses, the progressive glasses can be cleaned in an easy way by washing in clean water and dried with clean cloth. However, during this time, you should not use the abluent with acidity which may corrode the coating around the lenses. In order not to scratch the lenses, you'd better not use something sharp during cleaning.
  • Abbe


    Run a stream of warm water from a suitable faucet. Apply a small amount of hand soap to both sides. Rub both sides of the lenses carefully,using your thumb and forefinger and an extra cloth,if available.rinse both sides of the lenses thoroughly,dry the lenses using a cloth.