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What are good glasses for dark skin tone?

I have a dark skin tone. What type of eyeglasses will look good on me?
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  • b2jb


    It is widely known that choosing the right glasses can complement a person's natural beauty and bring out his features. Generally, people fall into the fair, medium or dark skin categories. For those people with dark skin like you, lighter colored glasses may flatter them most and make them stand out. You should also consider the color of your hair, makeup and other fashion accessories to achieve better effect. Gold, copper, orange, brown, tan, olive, dark red and off white frames or lenses may be the nice choices.
  • Nathan harris


    I have dark skin tone, too. I filled myself glasses with wide and black frame. I'm a girl with personality of a plate. So I think you can try other colors, such as bronze, purplish red and coffee. Or you can choose rimless glasses. Except your skin tone, you should also pay attention to your face shape when you choose glasses. If your face is round, do not buy round glasses anymore. If you have a square face, you should try round framed glasses.
  • Eric rupert


    Selecting the glasses, here are the basic principles: for the big face, you shall choose bigger glasses frames. But for narrow face, you should choose the thin frame edges. Next, we should base on skin color. Since you have a dark skin tone, you should choose brighter colors. Sum up, In addition to color, we should also consider the face, facial features, etc. I have a classmate who skin is black, but he pick the dark green glasses. Moreover this color can prevent ultraviolet better.