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How long does it take to heal a broken blood vessel in eye?

I hurt my eyes. It seems that there is broken the blood vessel in my eyes. So, how long will it take to heal my broken blood vessel in the eyes?
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  • Gabriella rodney


    I am sorry to hear that kind of news. But you should not panic, what you need to do is to take more time to rest and relax your eyes, avoid watching TV or playing video games, do as much as possible to protect your eyes, and have a healthy diet, typically, it takes about one week before your eyes recover. But if things remain serious as they were, you'd better go and see a doctor.
  • Tyler charles


    If the broken blood vessel is under the clear membrane over the white part of the eye, no treatment is necessary and the blood will gradually go away within a week without treatment. If the broken blood vessel is inside of the eyeball, a retina specialist may need to treat the broken vessel with a laser to prevent more bleeding.
  • Otis Crockett


    It depends on how serious of your eyes problem. If your broken blood vessel in your eyes is caused by high pressure or spicy food you ate, it only takes a week to heal your broken blood vessel. You just need to apply cold cloth to cover your eyes for three days and apply warm cloth to cover your eyes for another three days as well. And you should take some hemostatic medicine and use eyedrops every day. In that case, broken blood vessel can not affect your eyesight. But if your broken blood vessel is caused by Embolism of retinal artery, venous embolism, phlebitis, diabetic retinopathy, nephritis, hematopathy and so on. It may takes a long to heal. So it is hard to give you an exact answer. What you can do is go to see doctor as soon as possible.
  • Shelby rodney


    A broken blood vessel in eyes can happen to many people with many factors. For example, coughing too hard or lifting something too heavy can cause broken blood vessel in eyes. And the time for heal the broken blood vessel depend on how bad your condition is. Usually, it will clear up in a week or a couple of weeks. If your eyes are hurt badly, it may also need three weeks or even more.
  • hanes3777


    Well, it is hard to say the certain time. For some people, it can be 2d ays, and for other people, it also can take 1 week. Anyway, it all depends on how heavy your situation is. But it will take 4weeks almost. And you can do something to heal it. For example, you can put a warm and soft cloth on your eyes everyday, so that it can relieve the symptom. Also, having a good sleep and drinking plenty of fluids can be effective too. Besides, when you go outside, you should wear sunglasses for sung protection.

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