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What are best sunglasses for dry eyes?

I often get dry eyes. Speaking of sunglasses, what sunglasses are good for people with dry eyes. Any recommendation?
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  • Angelica giles


    Well, in my opinion, you can go and search them in a dry-eyed store where you can get many good advices from the professional persons. In other words, the dryeyeshop has glasses for dry eyes, some come with prescription options. Also, you can try WileyX Airborne which are designed with light-changing lenses. In this way, it makes a huge difference in the dryness of your eyes. In addition, you can also look for some sunglasses that have moisture plugs that you can insert inside the frames, but the lenses aren't light-changing. Anyway, just go and look for them in the stores. I think you can find perfect ones.
  • Sig


    I never heard that there are special sunglasses for dry eyes. Maybe wearing sunglasses can help people with dry eyes especially in sun. Because the sunglasses can shield their eyes from sun so as to reduce the moisture evaporating from eyes. From this point, you'd better choose wrap around sunglasses to shield your eyes from all sides. Hope this help.
  • cwalsman


    Generally speaking, it is a common problem when you found that your contact lenses always dry out. Of course, you can also take some measures to stop it. For example, if can just blink your eyes helping your eyes make more water so that the water can make your contacts and eyes wet. I think this is an easy and useful ways to help you. Besides, you can have a try with the solutions or the eye drops, which means when you feel your eyes are a little dry, you can use some solutions or eye drops. Last but not the least, pls remember that you can not wear the contact lenses all day everyday, and when you put off them, you should put them back to the solutions where the contacts can get enough water so that they can help you with the eye vision. Yeah, these ways sounds easy, but they really useful and wonderful.
  • cowboyfrom666


    If you have dry eyes, you'd better not let the eyes exposed outside with no sunglasses because the wind, dust or sunlight may let the eyes be dry seriously. Thus you'd better choose one to protect the eyes, such as the ray ban aviator sunglasses, gucci sunglasses and so on. All above ones must be suitable to you.

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