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Will lutein help glaucoma?

I know lutein is very good for eye health. i want to know whether they work for glaucoma?
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  • Jacqueline warren


    Yes, it will do a good job to dry eyes. According to a study, supplementing with lutein improves visual function in dry eyes sufferers and may slow the progression of the dry eyes. Besides, Lutein is a pigment that you can find in many foods. Your body cannot produce it, so a certain dietary intake or daily supplement will be a good way to protect your eyes, especially for some people who have the eyes floaters. The reason is that the macula, an area of tissue on the back of your eye, contains lutein deposits, and the presence of lutein, along with its antioxidant properties, promote eye health.
  • Kimberly quick


    According to, lutein eon't help people with glaucoma. It is said that there are Harvard researches published in the October 2003 issue of the "American Journal of Epidemiology" show us that there is not strong enough to establish a definite reduction in glaucoma for those with a diet high in lutein. From this study, we an say there is no much help for people with glaucoma even if they take diet high in lutei.
  • walkbyfth


    No, it could not improve glaucoma. Lutein is a kind of antioxidant, which is ususally found in green leafy vegetables and other green and yellow vegetables. Antioxidant could prevent free radicals to damage cells. Lutein is found in high concentrations in the eye, also absorbs blue light. It could help in treating eye problems, however, lutein could not benefit for reduction in glaucoma for those with a diet.
  • george


    Yeah, the lutein may have little influence on the glaucoma. Glaucoma is a kind of ophthalmopathy of the damages in the retinal and optic nerve function. The glaucoma blindness is mainly due to the mechanical oppression produced from the rising intraocular pressure to optic or because of optic disk, such as blood disorder caused by optic nerve damage. It will lead to visual loss and narrow field of vision and finally blindness. Lutein can make up the eyes' necessary elements which make the eyes moisture. It is really good a thing for the eyes which may to some degree help people avoid from the glaucoma by keeping them moisture.

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