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Can i get a stye from swimming?

My daughter often goes swimming. She also gets a stye in her eyes. Can she get eye styles from going swimming?
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  • Robert Johnson


    The stye in the eyes is also called blepharitis, is the acute inflammation of glandula sebacea or tarsus. There's four reasons to the happening of stye. First, over fatigue of eyes, it lead to contract of muscle around the eyes socket, then the openning of gland congested. Two, the bacterials and virus get into the openning of glandula sebacea. Three, reduced from food allergy. Four, diabetes induce to the syptoms. As for the second reason, it may happen by the inflammation of virus from outside environment. However, there's no positive connection between the two things of swimming and stye. Please go to doctor for the detailed check and further treatment.
  • hill


    Yes. The stye is a kind of acute suppurative infection disease between sebaceous glands and meibomian gland. She may bring the bacterium into the eyes through the water in the swimming pool. Your daughter should better go to see the doctor and accept the treatment which will cure the stye quickly.
  • Patricia


    Stye is a type of eye infection which make the eyelid look puffy and red. If you got stye, you'd better not let her go swimming, or it may make your stye more serious. Even if you prepare swimming goggles, i not recommend her to go swim at this time. You shall take her to visit an doctor and get some medicine to help her recover from stye. As long as she recovery from the stye, she can go swim at anytime she want.
  • Joshua?arnold


    Well, to be honest, indeed it is possible that stye could be resulted from swimming, because as you know, some swimming pools are not cleaned and drained and refilled on a regular basis. Some swimming pools are not even properly disinfected, consequently, some bacteria could be born, which would lead to stye. If you don't feel very well, I suggest you find a doctor and get some timely treatment.
  • Karen


    I have a stye rn and yes you can get one after swimming