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Andrea lester


Are there contact lenses I can sleep in?

I know it is safe to wear some contacts when i am sleeping. So far, are there contact lenses available that we can wear when we are sleeping?
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  • cristoph


    Yes, there are type of extended wear contact lenses which allow you wear it when you sleep. the contact lenses can be continuously for up to 30 days without taking them out. After 30 days, you shall ask doctors to taken out the lenses and replace a pair of contact lenses. Nevertheless, sleep with contact lenses are still can bring great risks to eyes since the contact lenses may accumulate many bacterium after wearing for a long time.
  • Richard


    As we know,the contact lenses worn directly on the surface of the eyeballs. And the water content of each contact lenses may just keep you to wear for a couple of hours. If you wear too long, the eyes may feel dry which may get infection. What's worse, the bad breath of oxygen for the eyes will affluence the corneal. Thus, for the common contact lenses, you'd better not wear them to sleep. That will cause the eyes not to breathe the oxygen which you may find your eyes get red the next morning. However, there is the new corrective contact lenses coming to the market which are especially worn during the sleep to help improve the vision. If you have this purpose, you could have a try.
  • george


    Well, generally speaking, you can not find a pair of contact lenses which can be worn to sleep, as we know that contact lenses are made of plastics. So they are made of chemical elements, they will be harmful for your eyes if you wear them to sleep, in this way, your eyes can not breath. Also, your eyes can be infected easily for your eyes are sensitive. Finally, if it keeps in a long period, it will lead to some eye disease, such as pink eyes or dry eyes. So in my opinion, you should wear contact lenses to sleep.
  • crystalise34


    Well, if there is such kind of contact lenses in the world, it would be much more convenient for us to live right? Also you should know that long time use of contacts will lead to dehydration , red eyes and something like that. So, you had better reduce the time wearing contact lenses. My advice for you is to wear less contacts, instead, framed glasses would be more healthy.