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Where are versace sunglasses made?

I like versace sunglasses and want to buy one pair for myself. Before buying it, i wan to know where are versace sunglasses manufactured. Does anyone know?
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  • cody88


    Well, although they are not known by many Chinese people, they are very popular with many people in other countries. And they are made in Italy. You should know that Versace has represented elegance and luxury since the label early started in 1978. Also, Versace sunglasses and accessories are some of the hottest available on the market today. But, today, the meaning of their sunglasses has changed. For example, today when people wear them, you will image sophistication, quality, and class. The simple yet elegant beauty of your new Versace eyewear will have you entering a sexy new world of fashion and glamour as soon as you put them on. So you can have a try.
  • arnold


    As far as i could know, versace is a famous fashion designs from Italy. But with the globalization, they may establish factory in other countries. So i don't know where are versace sunglasses made. But i am sure there are some of them made in Italy. If you want to buy a pair and have no idea where to go, you can try to search it out online.
  • Sybil


    As a big brand, the versace sunglasses are manufactured in Italy. The real pair f versace sunglasses will cost you a lot of money, ranging from $ 150 to$250. Their good quality and fashionabe desige make it worthy to be owned. If want to own the sunglasses, try to choose the versace sunglasses.
  • easilyfixed


    The versace brand is a big famous brand all over the world which registed in 1978 in Milan of Italy. The most famous and transcendent designer is Gianni Versace who past away in years of 1997. It produces all the fields of fashion staff such as clothes, perfume, case, and glassware etc. The designing style is exaggerate and sexy towards to the enjoyable of your dream. The manufacture of this brand is a workmanship of the world. You know where the less cost of the labor, where the factory is located. However, the quality control and test process is the core competition power of such kind of world brand. Where does it made, it is less important. It is worthy of the money just because of its long history and culture representation. It is not important of the manufactured place but the spirit it express to all the people, that is the aspiration to the fashion and beauty!
  • Ioana Radulescu


    The Versace sunglasses are made in Milan, Italy, the capital of Italian fashion. _a href="http://www.versace-sunglasses.net_ Versace eyewear _/a_ is known worldwide as a leader in high-quality optic products and high-end fashion accessories.

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