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How to exercise your eyes with pinhole glasses?

I have a pair of pinhole glasses. Can you tell me how to exercise my eyes when i wear pinhole glasses? Thanks.
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  • Kimmi


    You will notice when looking at your Pinhole glasses, that there are four triangles, one in each corner of each lens. Pinholes are best worn when watching TV or reading. When reading always make sure adequate lighting is supplied. As you look through Pinholes some light is cut out. Your eyes may take a little while to adjust to Pinholes, but in a short period your eyes will not notice that they focus through these tiny holes. That is why watching TV is ideal, you forget very quickly that
    you are wearing them.Pinholes should be worn for a few hours a day, or as often
    as possible.
    Never wear your Pinholes when driving or doing any activity where sideways vision is required. Do not use as sun glasses. Always make sure your Pinholes are clean and check no holes are blocked, it is very important to have complete vision.
  • James


    To exercise your eyes, you can follow the below steps: First, you can rotate your eyes from triangle to triangle in a clockwise direction, Keep doing this 10 times or more. And repeat it in an anti-clockwise direction. Second, move your eyes from one side to other between the triangles and repeat it 10 times or more. Third, Hold a book, concentrate on their word and try to move your arms towards your eyes as closely as you can focus. Then repeat it.
  • carolmck


    The design of the pinhole glasses adopts the principle of the cameras. You can look through the holes at the far place. The small hole may make the far scenery look wider because of the principe of the light. Then when you look at the near place, the eyes strain may get the release. For a long time, your prescription is under control.