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Is walmart vision center a good place to get prescription glasses online?

I find walmart also sells prescription eyeglasses online. But there are still other sites that provide prescription glasses. I wonder if walmart vision center is a good place to get prescription glasses online. Does anyone have bought glasses at walmart vision center?
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  • Alexa


    It depends. Personally, the prescription eyeglasses at walmart vision center are usually cheaper than other famous eyeglasses shop. But compared some online eyeglasses shop, their prices is not their advantages again. So, whether walmart vision center is a good place or not depend on what you pursuit. If you pursuit cheap prices, you can go other eyeglasses shops like
  • Guava


    I have bought the eyeglasses from the walmart vision. It is such a good place to get glasses for the fast delivery speed and relatively cheap price. At first, I was suggested to go by my friends. After I have bought one, I think it is a good online store to go. The quality is just as good as that in franchise store.

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