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What are the best glasses for asian faces?

i want to buy really good glasses for my close friend and she comes from Korea. What glasses styles are good for Asians.
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  • Kevin lee


    Usually, for a women with asian faces, you can choose some bright colored eyeglasses or big frames eyeglasses. They can enhance them. For a men, you choose black nerd eyeglasses that can make them look cool and mature. Anyway, they should try on themselves, and choose it according to their face shape and personal style. So, just try on.
  • Hae


    It seems that you are going to buy a pair of glasses for your friend. So, there are some things you should consider. Firstly , what is the specific facial structure of your friend? How old is him? What is his exact style? Once all of them done, you can be able to find what is suitable for him without an effort. Personally, speaking, Maybe square shaped glasses are suitable for asians since their face tend to be small.
  • Arianna griffin


    This year, the nerd glasses are really popular which can be seen from a lot of people on the street. In my own opinion, this kind of eyeglasses are suitable for he Asians who have the not three-dimensional faces. And this kind of eyeglasses will make the asians look calm, wise and cool. Following the fashion of trend, it is a good choice for the asians.
  • Jonathan griffin


    Well, in my opinion, the first thing you should know is that what face shape your friend has. There is nothing to do with the Asian person, but with the face shape. If your friend has long face shape, maybe you can choose long frames which can match his or her face. And if the face is oval, square, rectangular and geometric shapes can be good, for they can add angles to soft curves. Anyway, it depends on the face shape. But on the other hand, because your friend is Asian people, they tend to have light skin colors and oval face, you can buy square frames with light colors.