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Joseph bell


Who makes ralph lauren sunglasses?

Does anyone know who makes ralph lauren sunglasses? What do you think of ralph lauren sunglasses?
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  • Jada


    Well, you should know that ralph lauren is an American brand which is dedicated to making luxurious clothes and some other products, sunglasses is one of them. It focuses on the upper class and usually are sold at a high price you know? For most of the time, they are made in the US. I myself find them really wonderful , but also costly, if you are financially well off, you may buy a pair of them.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    It is Safilo that makes the ralph lauren sunglasses. In my own opinion, the ralph lauren sunglasses are good at both the quality and the design. It is worthy to buy. When you are out wearing this sunglasses, you will be looked so cool and fashionable. And this kind of sunglasses will make you wear for at least three years.
  • eddy


    Ralph Lauren is an American brand, well-known to people all over the world. The name of its founder and designer is Ralph Lauren. He started his brand with men's clothing in 1968, with his first brand, Polo Ralph Lauren. His idea comes from the tradition and classics, so the style of his production line is elegant, romantic and classic. Now this brand covers many aspects of life, clothing for men, women and kids, perfume, furnithure and etc, all of which caters to the desire of customer for the perfect lives of up class. I think it is a great brand. I like it very much.