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What causes dark circles under eyes in children?

My daughter is 8 years old. She has dark circles under her eyes? I want to know what can lead to these annoying dark circles?
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  • Mariah ja


    The causes of dark circles under eyes in your daughter may not just lack of sleep or poor health. However,the more likely cause of dark circles for your daughter may be nasal congestion from allergies or hay fever.What's more,environmental and pet allergies also can cause dark circles. It also can be the result of chronic sinus infections or recurrent colds.If you have this problem, it still can be the reason of heredity.Other, less common causes include enlarged adenoids or an iron deficiency. I hope it may help you.
  • charming_qtee


    When the flow of capillary blood under the skin around the eyes is impeded or melanin calculates with time, dark circles will arise. There are many reasons will result in dark circles, such as lack of sleep, skin aging, bad habits and customs or genetic factor. But for children, it is not impossible result from shin aging. The probable causes are genetic factor or sleep deprivation. Are you have dark circles under your eyes? If you have, genetic factor may be the reason. If your daughter usually sleeps very late, it is sleep insufficiency that cause this symptom and the dark circles will disappear gradually in case the she has sufficient sleeping.