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Matthew baker


Can birth control pills cause dark circles under eyes?

Is eating birth control pills one cause of dark circles under eyes? Does anyone know?
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  • Kelly gary


    Different people who own different physique may have different reaction after eating the birth control pills. Some people may get the dark circles under the eyes because of the not good blood circulation. Its birth control principle is mainly inhibit ovulation. Changing the cervical mucus, making sperm not easy get penetration, making uterine glands reduce glycogen manufacturing, letting segmentation is not easy to live, or changing the uterine and tubal pattern of activity, hindering the delivery of fertilized eggs and making sperm egg can't get combination form a fertilized egg, it can achieve the purpose. This contraceptive drug is not good to be eaten which may cause the disorder of the body working process. And the dark circles may cause from the not good vital energy and blood.
  • Joseph campbell


    Yes, eating birth control pills is one of the causes of dark circles under eyes. Dark circles are caused by various factors,in which some medications, right like birth control pills, can add to the appearance of dark circles, since the birth control pills can dilate capillaries, which will make dark circles more prominent.