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What should I do if I get permanent vision loss because of age-related eye diseases?

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  • David Felker


    As we all know that, age-related eye diseases including glaucoma, advanced macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy can cause blind spots and permanent vision loss in many seniors. Many low vision devices are available for people with permanent vision loss, to assist them with daily living challenges.These devices include: Strong magnifying lenses with extra illumination, for reading and other near vision work. Audio tapes, specially adapted computer or television screens, and telescopes. Lens filters and shields to reduce glare.
  • Rebecca


    There are some low vision devices available for people with permanent vision loss. These device including installing task lighting underneath kitchen cabinets or above stoves to help illuminate darker corners.Making sure you have enough lighting to brighten work surfaces in your garage, sewing room or other areas where you need to see fine details.
    Asking your employer to install additional lighting, if needed, at your work space.
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