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EDGAR Schneider


Does andy sixx wear colored contacts?

Do you know if andy sixx wears colored contact lenses? If he does, what types of contact lenses does he wear? Where can i get it?
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  • Luke


    It is said that andy sixx wears the blue contact lenses although his original eyes are blue. Now more and more people like to wear the contact lenses to make their eyes look good and big. Actually people with colored contact lenses will show the great charm at the eyes. If you want to buy one, you could just go to the online store to pick one because of suitable price and excellent quality.
  • Christian


    I have to tell you most of the celebrities wear cosmetic contact lenses, because they need to change the eye color temporarily to match their makeup and clothes. Especially for those who have near-sightedness. You can buy cosmetic lenses as well. Glasses store sells cosmetic contact lenses for sure, and some cosmetic salon provide lenses for their customers. By the way, you can also buy cosmetic lenses online. Ebay and Amazon have various kind of contact lenses.
  • Alyssa


    It seems that you are very interested in andy sixx , who is an American heavy metal singer. And of course, to a large extent, he is famous for his weird image. Anyway, I should tell you that he has blue eyes originally, but sometimes he would wear some strange contact lenses in order to appear more weird and attractive. You could get those special effects contact lenses at Amazon or Alibaba, where you could see more options at affordable prices.

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