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Can I wear contact lenses with glaucoma?

I got glaucoma. Is it OK if i wear contact lenses? Can wearing contact lenses make glaucoma more serious?
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  • Dawn C.


    Until now, you know there have been many improvements of the contacts lenses. That is to say, there are two kinds of the lenses: hard and soft. Because of the improvement of lenses, you can wear contacts while you have the glaucoma. Even though there is no proved idea showing that you can not wear lenses when you have the glaucoma. As a friend, I strongly suggest you had better not wear contacts when yo get the glaucoma. Because you know, glaucoma is a kind of disease that we can use eye drops to lighten it. When we use drops to our eyes, the drops will make the eyes feel better. If we put on the contacts lenses, you should know that the lenses will affects the take-in of the drops, for example, there are more possibilities that you will get the discoloration or infection, which will cause problems to your eyes, even this will make your glaucoma worse and worse.


    Well, it is hard to say yes or no. Generally speaking, glaucoma can be dangerous, and in many cases, it can lead to blindness. And there are two kind of glaucoma, including open angle glaucoma and acute angle glaucoma. Generally speaking, it all depends on which type of glaucoma you have got. And you should know that for open angle glaucoma, you can wear contacts. But on the other hand, when you have acute angle glaucoma, you are not supposed to wear contact lenses, for it will just make your situation become worse. So you can just check with your ophthalmologist, and he can tell what to do.
  • Caroline hill


    It is not ok for you to wear the contact lenses when you get the glaucoma which will cause you to get blindness. At the same time, wearing the contact lenses may let your eyes get dry easily. Your eyes will feel uncomfortable which will make the glaucoma get serious. You'd better not wear the contact lenses.
  • Bill Clay


    If you smear some guacamole on your contact lens first, then put it in your eye, it's said that that will heal the glaucoma and make everything better.
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