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Marissa george


Why do i get dry eyes after tanning ?

My eyes feel so dry after tanning. Does tanning cause dry eyes? How to treat it?
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  • Thomas oliver


    Yes, tanning can cause dry eyes. When you are tanning, your eyes may become drier and drier and even dry out. This may cause itching and irritation for your eyes. Although tanning is considered a safe way to achieve a bronze skin tone, while some of them can adversely affect the eye area such as fry eyes. The only thing you can do is to do it with caution and do some works to moisten your eyes.
  • Minaxi Patel


    Yes, the tanning will cause your dry eyes especially when you don't wear the protected goggles. Your eyes may feel so itchy and uncomfortable. You'd better treat it by drinking more water. In addition, you could also eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. The eye drops with anti-inflammation could also work for you which you could have a try.
  • walkingalone089


    Yeah, firstly, we all should admit that after tanning, our eyes are easily getting dry eyes. You know, when you are tanning, if you make your eyes exposed under the sunshine, your eyes can not get enough water from the air, which will cause your dry eyes. Finally, there are more possibilities that your eyes will be irritated. Of course, there are some ways to help you protect your eyes while tanning. For example, you can wear protect glasses to help the eyes avoid the sunshine, so your eyes will keep good. In addition, after tanning, you should drink more water to avoid the dry eyes. Hope my advice can help you.