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What is prk corrective eye surgery?

My vision is not good and one day i will take surgery for my eyes. Recently, i heard of prk surgery. What is prk eye surrey? Is it painful? Is it effective or risky?
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  • Marissa


    PRK is a kind of work material of fluorinated argon (ArF) of gas laser which wavelength is 193 nm. Its characters include the corneal penetrating power and small and low thermal effect. It has the effect of removing corneal tissue accurately. And the cutting surface is very slick. Through the cutting of a small amount of corneal superficial tissue, changing the corneal surface curvature, abating or enhancing refractive power can it correct the myopia hyperopia or astigmatism. With the technology developing, the prk eye surgery becomes more and more safe and effective. It is not painful because the patient will adopt the anesthetic. More and more people with high prescription choose the prk surgery to help them have the right vision to see in the daily life.
  • Faith fergus


    PRK is the abbreviation of photorefractive Keratectomy, PRK eye surgery is an effective, outpatient laser vision correction surgery, which could improve vision and reduce or eliminate the need for eyeglasses or contact lenses. It could utilize the excimer laser to reshape the curvature of the eye for people who have myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The surgery spends one minute on each eye and can be done in a doctor's office. During this period, both eyes are continuous moistened by wetting drops. It takes three days for the healing process. PRK eye surgery is suitable for people who have larger pupils or thin corneas, other corneal issues or dry eyes as well.
  • Gabriella


    PRK is short for photorefractive keratectomy. The principle of PRK surgeryis to utilize excimer laser to cut the anterior surfaces of central cornea, in other words, to cut the Bowman's layer and shallow ground substance of epithelial layer to reduce the tortuosity of corneal anterior surfaces. With the enlarging radius of curvature and reducing refractive power, focal point moves back to the retina, hence achieving the effect of myoporthosis. Excimer laser is a chill laser, so it does not have a thermal effect to the illuminated tissue. The accuracy will not make laser cutting penetrate cornea and do no harm to ocular tissue. Therefore, PRK surgery is safe and effective.