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Do I need to go through the full eye exam if I only want to get the size for colored contacts?

I want to get colored contacts but my vision is good .I only want to have my eyes measured for contacts to get the right size. Do I need to go through the full exam or only for the size?
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  • carolmck


    Yes. You do need to get a full eye exam before you get colored contacts. Because taking a full eye exam can not only let you know the size, but also it can check your eye health and other eye problems which can stop you getting colored contacts, such as dry eyes and allergies.
  • Jacqueline warren


    Not necessary. But eyes are so important for us. Even if you have a good vision, having full eye exam will let you know if your eyes are health or not. So, having a full eye exam, you can not not only know your eye sizes but also have knowledge to your eyes. Why not?

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